Transitioning From Books To Scripts

I’ve been AWOL for the majority of 2016, and that’s because my life has changed when it comes to the indie book world. After deciding to take the plunge in 2015 and enrolling in a television course focusing on writing and producing, the way I tell a story has completely changed.

Creating a story by inventing worlds and characters living within those worlds is something I’ve always loved to do. Writing makes me happy. Not only did I read A LOT as a child, I used to binge watch shows like no other. It was where I escaped to… sometimes I’d even imagine the books I read as movies playing on its own projector in my head.

So I’ve always had a love for film equally as much as books.

The program was kind of great. I mean, I was able to learn how to write a script! That may not sound exciting to some, but for me it was the Holy Grail. So with this newfound knowledge, I began to drift away from the novel format. Instead of working on the continuation of the Four Letters series, or the conclusion to Never Letting Go, I was writing log lines, beat sheets, outlines, and one pages. Short film scripts and spec scripts for drama (which I loved) and comedies (not so much).

What’s a spec script, you ask? Well, spec is actually speculative, and it’s pretty much a sample script. You might write a spec script for a show that’s already on air, like How To Get Away With Murder or Orphan Black. It makes things easier for a new writer who doesn’t have to create a world because it already exists, and the characters are already made. It also makes things difficult because you can’t play by your own rules. The episode you write has to be seamless with the episodes that have aired. If you’re a writer wanting an agent, agents sometimes look at spec scripts to see how well you write, and how you tell a story.

I was really busy last year working on the production side of TV and film making but it’s January in Canada, and it gets kind of COLD… and with the cold, there’s not that many gigs. Which I’m actually quite fine with since now I’ve got the time to write!

And after not writing for what feels like forever, it feels AMAZING.

So my journey for 2017 is still of the writing variety, but I’m putting a pause on working on my next book. It’ll happen, I just don’t know when.  I’m mostly going to be blogging about my experience script writing, and maybe the occasional random thought from now on. It feels right, this new path I’m heading towards.

So bring it on, 2017 🙂

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