Cover Reveal Sign-Up: Never Letting Go

My secret paranormal book is no longer a secret. I’ve titled it Never Letting Go, and it might be a tad familiar to some because Never Letting Go is the re-release of my previous novellas Reap and Sow.

I love Reap and Sow, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that they belong together as one book. And after finishing off Sow, it seemed the story was just beginning. Enter Never Letting Go, or NLG for short. It took a few tries to figure out the title (I’m horrible at names) but after settling on this one, I realized it was perfect for the story.

Through the editing and revising process, I saw my chance to insert new content, so there are new scenes and changes here and there to the plot of the story. As a result, NLG has taken a new life of its own.

So I tip my hat to Reap and Sow, and bid farewell to the story that spawned a series that I cannot wait to finish. Since I’m working on another project, that will unfortunately have to wait.

But not too long.

My cover reveal is coming up next month and the lovely Lola from Lola’s Blog Tours is organizing it. Any bloggers and authors wanting to sign up, click here to fill out the form.

And don’t forget to check out the synopsis of NLG below!


Question MarkIt’s hard piecing things together after waking up in a random apartment with no memory of who you are, surrounded by mostly welcoming strangers. The only thing remaining of her past is the tattooed name imprinted on her skin. But with no place to go, these strangers decide to take her in and name her Mia.

Inexplicable things start happening to Mia within the four walls of her confinement, including her presently mute status, strange abilities, and secretive roommates harboring their own hidden agendas. With a serial killer on the loose, this apartment is her only place of refuge.

But when she finally remembers who she really is, her refuge is no longer safe. Mia wakes up to find out her name isn’t Mia at all, and that her life is nothing but a walking tragedy. Her previous actions of refusing to let go of the only person with the power to break her heart leaves dire consequences.

Especially since it involved striking a deal with the devil.

Release date April 26th, 2016

Stay tuned for PRE-ORDER LINKS

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