2016 Writerly Goals

I always seem late on these sorts of things, don’t I? But I have a reason, I swear! And I guess this can explain my lack of presence in the social atmosphere.

Well, crazy me decided to go back to school last September, and I’m currently enrolled in a post-graduate program. It combines my love for both television and writing, so I felt it was meant to be.

And I love it.

With my crazy schedule of full-time school and random days at my part-time job, it has left little time to focus on my book writing, unfortunately. My goal for 2016 is to change that and I do have a few writerly goals that I want to accomplish:

Finish and publish Book 2 in the Four Letters series. I love both Bryn and Kimber, and maybe that’s putting too much pressure on me because I don’t want to let them down. I keep putting it off and that’s something that needs to change. Pronto. I know if I buckle down and focus, this could be a beautiful story.

Blog more. Seems simple, right? Blogging is a great way to express myself (perhaps the best way for me as an introvert) since I don’t particular enjoy talking to large groups and loathe small talk. This will be my reasoning when I decline social gathering with friends. Sorry, guys, but I have to blog.

Re-work my novellas: Reap and Sow. I’ve started this goal, which is great! It’s strange. I mean, I love both Reap and Sow but this nagging idea in my head got me opening up both manuscripts and combining them into one complete novel, and adding more scenes.

Finish the first draft of my WIP, the follow up to the Reap/Sow mash up. Not talking much about this. But I’m working on it so yay me!

That doesn’t seem too hard. School will be over in a few months but right now it’s my number one priority—that and paying my bills 🙂

In the meantime, I will write on!

—Christina Channelle


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