Race for the Bookmarks

With the updated cover change, I figured it was time for some new bookmarks for Those Four Letter Words. Since I was working on the design, I decided to also create bookmarks for Jaded Little Lies.

And postcards.

Amidst all the writing and editing, it’s nice to take a break and focus on making pretty things. I had used a prior printer for my bookmarks and loved them for their low cost (and they were some great looking bookmarks)! But they didn’t offer 6×2 bookmarks which is what I was looking for this time so I started looking at other printers. I found one which was slightly more expensive but they had a sale and shipping was less so they kind of/sort of balanced each other out.

My strategy was the following:

  1. Buy my desired 6×2 bookmarks for Those Four Letter Words from the new printer and compare them to my old 6×8 bookmarks from the original printer;
  2. Order the postcards for the Four Letters series and see how they fare.

Once I decide which quality of printing I prefer, I’d use the chosen printer for the Jaded Little Lies bookmarks.

I ordered both last Friday and just got an email that my postcards have been shipped! That means so far, the original printer is winning 🙂

Can’t wait to see them. Here’s a pic of what one side of the postcard will look like:

2 thoughts on “Race for the Bookmarks

  1. Can I just say I am LOVING your new color/font scheme for the covers? And the images you chose rock as well. They all have the same vibe. Love love love. Okay you already know this. I’m just commenting to avoid writing. HA!

    Liked by 1 person

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