So I’ve kind of/sort of changed the cover for Jaded Little Lies. I guess this just proves how indecisive I can be at times.

First let me give you a background story. Those Four Letter Words was supposed to be a novella on its own. The story was supposed to end there. But when I realized that Jade’s story wasn’t necessarily over, that was how Jaded Little Lies came to be. I found perfect covers for each book but realized that they didn’t necessarily look as if they belonged in a series together.

Hence my journey for finding the perfect cover for TFLW. Take a look here to see a sneak peek.

Now taking a look at this wonderful book cover for TFLW, I realized JLL fell slightly short. I couldn’t blame it on the image–the image was perfect. So if not the image, than it must be the font I needed to change (along with a few colour tweaks). I really like using this font but for this project, it just didn’t work.

So I’m here to present the new and improved cover for Jaded Little Lies. The cover for Those Four Letter Words will soon be revealed in the near future!


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