WIP Wednesdays: Jaded

I’m writing this post from my bed on a Wednesday night, trying to cram in those writerly things us authors with limited time like to do: tweet, edit, Facebook stalk, revise, and of course, blog. Tonight, I want to talk about my work in progress, Jaded Little Lies.

I swear, that’s all I’m talking about lately.

My plan is to have this out by April. I arbitrarily said spring which I’m glad I did because I don’t know if I will be able to stay on schedule. I’m taking my time with this book. I think I rushed with self-publishing some of my titles before I thought they were truly ready (Dahlia anyone?) and because I wanted to stay “on schedule”. I need to remember that sometimes it’s going to take longer that I had anticipated.

And that’s okay.

I’m actually having fun editing ad revising Jaded Little Lies. Frankly I have no idea why because this is usually the part that I dread. I have some beta readers lined up so it’ll be great to know that they think of it once I’m ready to hand it over to them. I haven’t even contacted my editor yet. Once I receive the feedback from my betas and make any necessary changes will I take that leap.

In the meantime, I continue to work, eyes tired, wishing for coffee, wanting nothing more than to sleep.

But Jade and co. keep whispering in my ear to be fixed and nixed.

Since it’s WIP Wednesday, I’ll leave a quick passage from Jaded Little Lies which pretty much leaves off from the ending of Those Four Letter Words.


Jaded Little Lies (to be released spring 2015, hopefully)

Jaded Little Lies - SmI couldn’t sleep for Christ’s sake.

Tossing and turning for hours, I couldn’t get comfortable and really, I’d had enough. I sat up in bed, flinging the sheets over in frustration. My eyes spied the glaring red digital numbers of the clock on the nightstand and I winced, yanking at the ends of my hair.

Three fucking thirty in the morning.

Making the decision to end this shit, I reached for my cell phone lying next to me and fiddled around until I pressed the VIDEOS button. Scrolling, I searched for the right one, dated one month ago, before pressing PLAY.

Staring at the screen, I smiled suddenly at what I saw before me: Reed and I lying on our sides facing each other, on this exact same bed that I currently laid on. His bed. On screen, I held my phone up as it videotaped the two of us, staring at each other in silence, both of us with sappy grins on our faces. I swear, I’d puke if I were looking at any other couple but us. I watched on as Video Me directed the phone camera solely on Reed.

“Say something,” I demanded.

“What?” Resting his head in his hand, his emerald eyes went back and forth between the phone and off screen to look at me.

I sighed as I clenched the phone in my hand, marvelling at how manly my man was, dark hair shaved low, sinewy muscles with tattoos covering both arms. Wearing nothing except for sweatpants and silver dog tags hanging on a chain around his neck. He looked great on camera.

I was one lucky girl.

“I’m videotaping you right now if you didn’t notice,” my voice carried from off-screen. “Say something so I can remember you by for when you leave me all alone, Reed,” I continued dryly.


“Do it.”

I grimaced. Did I really sound that whiney and needy?

Ugh, I thought with a shake of the head.

I glanced back down at the screen, watching Reed as he smiled then looked straight into the camera phone, eyes gleaming. My heart froze for a moment—it was like he was looking right at me through the screen, as if he’d known I’d be re-watching it one month later.

“My girl is so damn bossy, isn’t she?” he retorted with a smirk. My hand reached out and smacked him on the shoulder.

“Ouch. Okay, seriously.” He took a deep breath and glanced off-screen then back into the camera. He rubbed his chin, looking thoughtful. “You’ve made me happy, more happy than I ever thought was possible. I’m thankful for every day that your family moved across the street and blessed me with a second family. I’m grateful that every time I look at you, I know that your love for me is as equal as my love for you.” He paused, his eyes getting mischievous.

“Plus you’re one hell of a kisser,” he added.

I laughed, staring at the phone screen hard. Laughing was sure as hell better than crying in my book. And I refused to admit to myself that my watery eyes was from a mini-meltdown because I was re-listening to my man sound like Romeo on acid.

I continued to watch the video. I saw myself getting back into the video frame, maneuvering close to Reed as I kneeled in front of him, dropping the phone on the bed with a clunk. It still recorded us as I gave him another smack on the arm then grabbed both sides of his face, connecting my lips against his, putting my entire being into that one kiss. One of his strong arms wrapped around my waist as he pulled me close.

I stopped the video and tossed the phone aside, not wanting to see anymore. From what I remembered, we didn’t let up for air for quite some time.

“I miss you, Reed,” I breathed into the darkness, touching my lips at the memory.

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