Spoiler: Jade gets drunk … again

Jaded Little Lies - LgAs I’m working on Jaded Little Lies, I thought I’d share some spoilers with you now and again. I enjoy doing this because it gives readers who have read Those Four Letter Words a taste for what is to come in the next book. It also makes me look back at what I wrote, see if there’s anything I want to fix/change/improve upon.

A writer’s job is never done.

This spoiler has Jade deal with the morning after getting drunk at a club. If you knew Jade, the words drunk and club aren’t really in her vocabulary. Yet Jade in a drunken state appears to be a recurring theme.



Jaded Little Lies, Publish date: Spring 2015

Subject to change.

Morning after a drunken fiasco was not fun. I remembered why I didn’t do this shit in the first place. Nothing was my friend. Lights blinded me so I was reduced to wearing sunglasses indoors. Food made me gag so I sipped unsteadily on water. My limbs felt sore and achy and I hated my life at the moment.

I glanced over at Connor who lay snoring on the couch, drool at the side of his mouth. Making a face in annoyance, I rolled my eyes and sat down in front of the computer, turning on the chat.

I knew he’d be pissed but only one thing could lighten my mood at my moment.

Reed: It’s like you’re psychic. I just logged on about a minute ago. What’s up?

I began to type but then paused, hands hovering over the keyboard. Where to begin?

Me: You’re gonna hate me….

Reed: Why? You didn’t lose Deuce “by accident”, did you?

Me: No! Why would you think that?

Reed: LOL. That’s a relief. I know you’re not particularly … fond of him.

Me: Shut up. The mutt is safe and will be here for your sweet return. And Deuce is a he? I wasn’t so sure … hey! You got me off topic. Stop it.

Reed: Right, lol. Why am I going to hate you, Jade? It must be something big if you didn’t even bother to say hi.

Me: *gulps*

Reed: Jade….

Me: Hi Reed. I may or may not have gotten drunk last night and Connor’s passed out on your couch. And I didn’t make it to the bathroom in time so … I’m going to need the number for carpet cleaners. A good one.

I swear I sat looking at the stupid computer screen for hours.

Me: Reed? You there?

Why wasn’t he replying?

Me: Hello? 

Reed: Which part should I be angry about? You seemed to have mentioned a few things. Is it the drinking part, the Connor part, or the puking part?

I gulped.

Me: Um … all of the above.

Reed: A, you don’t even like drinking so stop doing it. B, wake Connor the fuck up and tell him to sober up and find his own bed to drool on—I’m assuming he’s drooling. C, it’s called Google, honey.

I smirked, fingers typing away.

Me: You called me honey. You must not be all that angry 😀

Reed: Oh, I’m angry all right, sugar. So fucking angry. Baby.

My smirk was quickly replaced by a scowl as I glared at the screen. I hated that shit and Reed knew it.

Me: Okay, you can stop with the weird endearments.

Reed: In all seriousness, I love you. Nothing you do will change that. Even acting stupid on occasion.

Me: Awwwwwwwwwwwww. I’ll ignore the last part. I ❤ you too 😉

Reed: Lol. Look, Jade. I gotta go. Duty calls. See you on the flip side.

Me: See ya.

I was feeling loads better as I logged off the computer. I walked over toward Connor and kicked his prone body.

“Wake up.” I kicked him again for good measure.

“No, mom,” his voiced moaned as he rolled on to his back. “Just five more minutes please.”


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