Tuesday Ramble: Passions

There’s a stack of paintings leaning against the wall in my room next to my TV. They’re my sisters. When I moved, I discovered them along with our other slew of things we’d stored away for so long. It made me remember how great of an artist my sister was. I remember her drawing cartoon characters like Leonardo and Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I’d always want to copy her. I fancied myself to have talent with a pencil. Of course, I was never as good as her.

I always said she should work for Disney.

Fast forward so many years and I don’t even know if my sister has picked up a paintbrush in years. Sometimes life stifles what our true passions in life are and I try to make sure that my love for writing doesn’t go up in flames like so many other passions when life gets in the way.

So as I type this blog post on my bed, staring at my big sister’s paintings from the corner of my eyes, I try not to forget that no matter the obstacles in life, no matter how busy things get, I need to make time for myself.

And write.

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