SAGE Release! Giveaway and Excerpt.

Today is finally here! After working so hard on a book, it is finally out there to be presented to the world. Sage, the final book in the Blood Crave Series has been released and is now available. I just want to thank everyone who participated in my release today ❤




“I know that – what we are. But why do you hate me?”


It was the only word pounding through fallen angel Sage Cross’ mind when her world came crashing in. Fallon was nothing but a painful memory, something she wanted – no, needed – to forget.

Now she has a chance to let that part of her past go and be in a place where she can finally heal. A place where lamia and lapsus don’t exist and she can just be … Sage. But of course, it doesn’t last.

Nothing ever lasts.

Her happily mediocre life with her cat familiar, Sunny, and best friends, Janie and Perkins, is nothing but a mirage. Especially when a brooding vampire – first name Adam, last name irrelevant – takes roots in her life. Someone who hates her for simply existing, yet she is unable to get him out of her mind.

Or her heart.

With her brother and friends in danger, Sage is the key to either ending it all or causing the destruction of not one, but two supernatural beings.

Fallen angels. Lapsus.
Vampires. Lamia.
Who will survive?

Sage, the final installment in the Blood Crave Series.



The day came and went and it was evening in the blink of an eye. Sage and Adam ignored each other, which was fine by the both of them. But it was difficult to ignore the six-foot plus presence in her apartment.

He left her bedroom like she’d asked, so she could finally use it, and she walked in and out, getting ready for her night out with Janie and Perkins. After showering, she slipped into a pair of skinny jeans and a yellow summery top, despite the weather. Slipping on her tan leather jacket, she looked at herself in the dresser mirror and nodded. She approved of the light make-up she currently wore, a natural look—definitely more her speed. Her hair was slicked back in her usual ponytail as her glasses framed her face.

The door suddenly opened and Sage turned to see Adam looking foreboding as he stood by the door. His sweater was off and he wore a thin t-shirt—black, of course.

“Here,” he said, tossing a bottle of plain body wash onto the bed.

Sage eyed the bottle on the bed, then looked back at him, confused. “What’s this for?” She didn’t know he was the gift-giving type.

“Some soap. Use this instead of whatever it is that you’re using. It’s irritating my nose with your constant walking back and forth.” He emphasized his displeasure by wrinkling up his face.

Sage would have normally found that action cute, but now her face went from shock to embarrassment, then to annoyance. She had just taken a shower with a vanilla and jasmine scented body wash, and personally thought it smelled heavenly. She looked back at him, jaw locked, squeezing her hands into fists.

“What is your problem?”

Adam just looked at Sage. It wasn’t as if he could actually tell her that he was obsessing over her smell as it permeated through the doors. He had brought some generic brand of soap with him and felt that would help combat the situation instead of having to smell her the entire time that he needed to be here.

This girl was definitely getting on his nerves.

Adam absentmindedly scratched his head and wondered why he was thinking these thoughts. He had never found himself attracted to lapsus. Even the most beautiful of them had repulsed him, but this girl who stood in front of him with a look of contempt made him feel … uncomfortable.

He truly wanted to figure out this situation, why this girl was causing him to react in such a way. Because he needed to fix it—and quick. Adam continued to scrutinize Sage purely out of fascination, then in a flash was instantly behind her.

Sage watched helplessly as he wrapped the ends of her ponytail around his fist and tilted her head to the side, almost aggressively. The roots of her hair silently cried out in pain.

Sage gave a shock at his close presence, but didn’t flinch. His breath on the side of her neck caused a tingle to run down her spine and she inhaled quickly. She closed her eyes tightly, praying he didn’t notice her change in breathing, but he must have.

He was a vampire, after all.

Sage waited for him to speak, but still he didn’t say anything. Adam was taller, so he had to bend his head down a bit as he brought his mouth down her neck, barely grazing her skin. Eyes wide, Sage stared at their somewhat steamy reflections in the mirror, a look of pure rawness emanating from Adam’s eyes. Panic slowly erupted on her face and Sage wondered if he was actually going to bite her.

He wouldn’t.

Would he?

Adam’s brows were furrowed in concentration as he eyed Sage’s neck, ignoring her state of distress. After staring at the vessels pulsing beneath her skin, he realized without a shadow of a doubt that the need he was experiencing was not for her blood, a thought which had earlier crossed his mind—a preposterous notion. He, lamia, could never have bloodlust for a witch.

It would be lethal.

Which brought him to the conclusion that he was experiencing feelings that he’d thought buried deep for centuries. Something that had opened up the instant he saw her, but had refused to admit it to himself.

And still did.

What is my problem? Adam instantly released his hold on Sage and withdrew. He motioned to the bottle on the bed. You are.

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About the Author
Yes, you are currently staring at a pair of shoes. Yes, Christina Channelle is shy. A dreamer, Christina holds two degrees in health sciences but has always had a passion for writing. You will find her reading other young adult novels, or typing a new story up on her computer. A TV junkie (Scandal and Walking Dead, anyone?) she has a close relationship to many characters, both fictional and real. She resides in Ontario, Canada.

You can find Christina via her

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