Moving and Book Releases Do Not Mix

So I’m currently writing this post on my phone because my new home has no internet service at the moment. Partially my fault because I was unsure whether or not to stay with my current internet provider or switch.

You see, I’m old school. As in, I still use VHS to tape record shows. I’ve never had wifi in my condo, my reasoning being that I could always go downstairs and use the communal library which does have wifi.

I’ve never watched Blu-Ray.

I have no idea how PVR works. Is that even the acronym?

I still have cassettes.

I would have totally taken my parents’ vinyl records if my sister hadn’t called dibs on them first.

So yeah … old school.

But I’m trying to get current, alas my decision to get wifi and purchase a TV that doesn’t have combination VCR. As a result, I’m without Internet until Saturday.

A week before the release of my YA fantasy, SAGE.

I’m trying not to hyperventilate over the fact that when SAGE is released, I might not be in on all the action online if the schedule doesn’t go according to plan. But there’s a week buffer so fingers crossed. My phone is my only contact to the online world so I hope I can get as much planning done with it.

Thank god SAGE is already uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon, ready for its September 13th release date.

And on that note, any bloggers willing and able to participate in my release day blitz, check out my older post and sign up if interested!

Until next time!!!!

I will try to keep you posted on the move 🙂


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