With Sage to be released next month, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing. Does a writer ever really stop? Unless, of course, I’m reading. Anyhow, here’s a teaser to the follow up to Those Four Letter Words.


FYI I had no idea what to call this series. This was never supposed to be a series but people asked for it and I actually had a lot of ideas on the next adventure in Jade’s life. I thought Those Four Letters Words series would be way too long. So I’m simply calling it Four Letters series. Short and sweet.

If you like what you’ve read, be sure to add Jaded Little Lies to your to-read list on Goodreads. Also, READ THE NOVELLA!!! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t since Those Four Letter Words is free at all ebook vendors. Of course, unless you’re opposed to cuss words. Then maybe you shouldn’t download it.

Jade likes to swear a lot and she’s not going to apologize for that.

Those Four Letter Words (Four Letters, #0.5) on Goodreads




Jaded Little Lies (Four Letters, #1) on Goodreads

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