Friday Flashback: DAHLIA

Dahlia is the first book that I have ever written and is therefore my baby. And with the release of Sage, the third book in the series coming up next month, I thought it’d be fitting to post some flashback scenes from where it all began.


Dahlia Kindle CoverThe house was surrounded by a lot of high shrubbery; they enveloped Dahlia. Looking around, she noticed a small pathway where the shrubbery ended. Curious, and wanting to get away at any rate, she took a few timid steps toward the opening, wondering where it would lead.

All of a sudden, a gust of wind sent chills up her spine and caused her hair to stand on end. She hugged herself, cursing her thin white t-shirt that she wore.

For some reason, her body was warning her, just like that night in the park when she thought eyes were watching. There was no logical explanation why, but her body wanted to turn and run back toward the house. It seemed to know that whatever was out there, deep within the darkness, was something sinister.

Hunting her.

Knowing these thoughts were foolish, she shook her head and continued walking toward the opening. The night seemed to have gotten darker, and the pathway gradually smaller, until there was nothing left to call a pathway, only dirt and gravel.

Too far out to hear the excitement of the party, the only sound was her own open-mouthed breathing, which quickened to match the rapid beating of her heart. The place seemed somewhat familiar, reminding her of a time long ago when she was alone like this in a forest.

Except then she’d had a wolf as company.

Tonight you can have me as a substitute,” a husky voice rumbled next to her ear, blowing hot air against her skin. She felt a hard, warm body press firmly against her back, causing her to stiffen. The voice vibrated against her, sending shivers throughout her, and Dahlia could have sworn the voice was also coming from within her. But that couldn’t be possible.

Not again.



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