Sage Sneak Peek

Sage Sneak Peek










I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. After a crazy summer (still in the middle of it, folks) I managed to get Sage completed. To say I’m stoked is an understatement. My wonderful cousin and awesome friend and writer, Maria Dee are now beta-ing it. Is that a word? Anyhow, any author friends that want to be along for the ride and help me out as a beta reader, send me a message!

As well, any bloggers wanting an advanced copy for review can also send me a message. I don’t know if I’m going the traditional route of having a blog tour but we’ll see what the future holds. So the official release date is:

SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

Why September? Well, fall happens to be my favourite time of year and I finally feel I’ll be able to breath then. Right now I’m in a state of simply holding my breath, then unexpectedly exhaling all dramatically when you least except it.

Have I told you that I’m allergic to the heat? I’m not joking, I literally break out in hives/rashes.

So here’s a sneak peek of Sage, the final book in the Blood Crave Series.

I do hope you enjoy!

     Waking up, her entire body erupted in tingles and she shivered as if cold, in the process of having an extreme panic attack. She did the only thing any sane person would do to calm her down.
     She called Janie.
     “What’s up, honey bun? I’m assuming there’s a valid reason why you’re calling me in the middle of the night. Did you win the lottery?”
     “Would you still love me if I were going insane?” This was a straight to the point conversation.
     It took a beat before Janie spoke again. “Are you being serious or is this a hypothetical question?”
     “Janie!” She wiped the sweat that was trickling from her brow, but already feeling better from hearing her friend’s voice.
     She chuckled. “I’m sorry. Of course, I’d still love you! I actually think I would prefer crazy Sage.”
     “Thanks. I think.” She stuck out her tongue even though there was no one to see except Sunny.
     “Why do you ask?”
     She exhaled, shaking her head. Where to begin? “I had the strangest dream ever. Almost like it was trying to tell me something, but I don’t have a clue.”
     “Hmm…” Sage could practically hear Janie formulating an idea in her mind. “Embrace it.”
     “Embrace these dreams. They could be the key to your happiness, darling. Listen to them. They might not be telling you something point blank, but your mind knows. It’s something my grandma always said.”
     “Okay,” Sage replied slowly. Sometimes she wondered about Janie.
     “So tell me why you really bailed tonight.”
     She made a face, her thoughts going to Adam.
     “Just an unexpected visitor,” she managed to say without groaning.
     “A visitor, eh?” Janie’s voice perked up. “I bet it was a guy.”
     Sage rolled her eyes. “Come on, Janie.”
     “Ha!” she said triumphantly. Sage could picture her grinning from ear to ear. “It was a guy. Is he hot? Of course he’s hot. He’s your secret lover.”
     “He is not my secret lover. He is not my secret anything,” Sage said heatedly. Her eyes went toward her bedroom door and she breathed a sigh of relief when it didn’t open. Looking around the living room, she humphed. She’d admit it, she was slightly happy for the change in subject. Slightly. “You’re crazy if you think I’m going to have anything to do with that guy. He’s almost … emo.”
     “Emo?” Janie laughed. “I definitely want to know more about emo boy in the morning. And now I’m the crazy one? Maybe your dreams are telling you to go snog somebody.”
     “Stop speaking like Perkins. He’s the Englishman—not you.”
     “What can I say? I’m easily influenced.” Her voice became quieter. “Are you feeling better now?”
     Janie definitely knew her—the power of distraction.

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