The Summer of Juggling

I feel like I disappeared on you all again. I’m sorry! Life’s been stressful, to say the least.

For one, I’m trying to juggle multiple forms of employment which is an experience. I have not seen the inside of a subway train for a long time on such a daily basis and can I just say, it’s TIRING!!!

I’m also going to be moving soon! I’m excited about that but now comes the part where I have to start organizing and dismantling my stuff. I’ve called my mother a hoarder FOREVER but I didn’t know I was one myself.

The apple doesn’t fall far, I guess.

So this summer will definitely be a test to how much I can handle between going back and forth between jobs, dealing with moving, finally hanging out with those long lost friends I haven’t seen since I hibernated last winter, and still finding time to write. Gah. I’m tired just writing that sentence.

So book update: Sage is still with my editor. He had a few clients before me so I understand the delay. And yes, my editor is a he. He gets to read all my mushy girly stuff 🙂

I’m SUPPOSED to be working on the sequel to Those Four Letter Words but that apparently came to a halt when I said yes to another job. No worries. I’m definitely getting back on that wagon because I’m itching to work on Jade’s story. I really love Jade and her circle of family and friends.

And I have a crap load in store for them.

I’m juggling a lot and trying to think of ways to pull back a bit, while still being able to pay my bills, lol. But so is life, trying to figure out that balance. It’s stressful at times but I have to enjoy it as much as I can. It’s the only one I got, right?

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be heading up to the cottage of a friend of a friend of mine for Canada Day. It’s supposed to rain with thunderstorms but I’m hoping that is nothing but a mere lie because I’m so ready for a little R&R.

Wish me luck.

Until next time,


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