Bless: A Guardian Story (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3: From duo to trio AKA Not you again

I pushed Michael back further into the room then grabbed a lamp that was on the side table near the front door. Clutching it tightly, I yanked the cord out of its socket then raised the object over my head as I waited for our potential assailant. I heard the slow, cautious steps gradually approach the door then stop. My gaze flicked down and I saw the shadow of feet beneath the crack at the bottom of the door.

I braced myself.

The knob turned slowly then stopped as it hitched against the lock. I breathed a sigh of relief, glad that I had remembered to lock the door. However panic started to rise in my throat as I heard a click, the door unlocking right before my eyes. I watched silently as the door slowly opened and I closed my eyes, feeling a new presence in the room. Without a moment’s hesitation, I braced myself then swung the lamp down with all my might.

I connected with a solid form and instantly heard a grunt as our assailant crashed to the floor with the force of my blow. I was just about to swing again when I heard the familiar voice.

“What the hell?”

I instantly stopped moving and looked down in surprise, not expecting to hear this voice coming from the body that was currently sprawled on the floor on his stomach.

I continued to stare down at the prone body, not quite believing my eyes. “Chance,” I said incredulously, my face a mask of confusion by his presence.

He groaned some more and then finally rolled over onto his back, his muscular chest moving up and down as he breathed heavily. I watched as he brought a hand up to his inky black hair, rubbing the back of his now injured head. He made a face in discomfort, his features clearly showing his pain.

Ow. That really hurt, dammit,” he stated gruffly, tightly clutching his jaw.

Horrified by my actions, I quickly moved towards him to help him up but his body being so big, I accidentally tripped over one of his long legs and toppled over him in the process.

I was now sprawled on top of him.

Our faces were mere inches away from each other, our legs tangled together and I could feel his warm breath on my face. He grasped his hands lightly on my elbows and looked at me. I saw a slow smile grow on his lips as he calmly blew lightly into my face. “Shit, Bless. I know we don’t see eye to eye on things but this was not the welcoming I was expecting.” He ended with a smirk, his eyes twinkling up at me in mischief.

Aghast at my close proximity to him, I jerked my elbows out of his grasp and quickly got myself back on my feet, looking down into eyes the very mirror image of my own.

I grunted in annoyance and crossed my arms, not taking my gaze away from him. “Language, please.” I stopped myself before I did anything stupid, like sticking my tongue out at him.


We had this love-hate relationship although right now we were definitely in the hate phase. Scratch that—we had a hate-hate relationship, simple as that.

It was like he made it his purpose in life—actually afterlife—to irritate me to no end.

My earlier feelings of shock were quickly being replaced by anger as I continued to look down at him. He now sat on the ground, rubbing his head. I couldn’t stop myself as I yelled, “What are you doing here? I almost killed you, you idiot!”

He slowly got himself up from the floor, suddenly dwarfing my own tall height by his 6’5 stature. He lazily brushed the dirt that he had collected while lying on the ground off of his clothes then stepped over the sprawled lamp that just had been used on him as a weapon. He eyed me sideways. “I think it would only be a problem if I were actually alive, Bless.” He gave a huge smirk at that.

I groaned in frustration, resisting the urge to push him back on the ground. “You know what I mean, you big jerk.” I swear this guy seemed to be the only person in the entire universe who made me start speaking the vocabulary of a complete imbecile whenever he was around.

I hated him so much.

It was like this from the moment we had first met. I had been newly transitioned into the Guardianship. My mind was completely wiped free from my previous life. I didn’t even know my age, although I looked to be in my late teens if I had to guess. All essential knowledge was intact, such as counting, places and important people. But it was also as if I were a baby, giving the ability to readily absorb all this new and pertinent information that was given to me so I could be one of the soldiers to aid in protecting our world.

Everything else was irrelevant.

So anyways there I was, newly slated clean and dressed all in white. Everything was white where we came from, as a matter of fact. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, the clothes, the weapons—our eyes. We were in a world void of any color. I had been brought into this room filled with many other Guardians, all the males on one side and females on the other, also dressed in white as they quietly looked forward. They separated the sexes during training and this was the first time that we were all together in one room.

As I had entered the room, however, the first thing that I noticed was him.

He had been standing in between the groups of separated sexes, looking as if it were him that ruled over everyone with that permanent smirk that seemed to be etched on his face. Even though I did not want to admit it, I thought he was beautiful. He was perfection personified, with his gleaming black hair as dark as night and glowing bronze skin, his defining muscles underneath.

It was then that I knew why males and females were kept separated.

They had this rule about Guardians needing to be void of any feelings and emotions. That it would inhibit us from doing our mission and cause us to make the wrong decision, putting the Light in harm’s way.

Feelings were just too messy and an absolute no-no.

I knew all of this—I had been rightly taught so—but it was the weirdest sensation when I first laid eyes on him. It was almost like I had met him before. I wasn’t thinking, my body on automatic pilot moving towards his and it was literally like everybody else in the room has disappeared. It was just him and I. He looked at me with those piercing white eyes of his and I swear he looked at me too in recognition as I saw them widen. But then it had quickly disappeared and I was looking into the face of a stranger.

I wondered then what his real eye color used to be when he was alive. For some reason, I thought perhaps they were close to his eyes as a Guardian.

Grey or maybe a light hazel.

“I see we have a volunteer.” I didn’t realize those words had come out of his mouth until he joined minds with me and repeated himself. Those were the first words that he had spoken to me and then I remembered exactly where I was. Standing in the middle of a room filled with Guardians, all eyes on me.

Let’s just say that I did not volunteer to have my ass whipped by him, but that was just what he had done. Let’s just call it a Guardian initiation-type thing.

Chance was ranked higher up on the Guardian totem pole which seemed to allow him to get away with certain things. He was definitely a distraction to me which was why from then on I had chosen to stay away from him. But he seemed to have other plans, always managing to be in my way. He would always bump into me, he was the one who seemed to always instruct my classes. He would have this look on his face when he stared at me.

It was hard to decipher exactly what it was.

But Chance was everything I fought to not be as Guardian. While I strived to follow the rules, he had the tendency to break them. While I did my best to emit calm, peace and serenity, he seemed to belong in the pits of hell with his wicked smile and charm. Although he tried on numerous occasions to push my buttons and get me riled up, I tried my best to resist, staying away from him as often as possible. It astonished me that he somehow still managed to be a Guardian without any repercussions.

And now he was right here in front of me.

“Uh, guys? I hate the break up the reunion but who are you?”

Coming back to the present, I had completely forgotten about Michael as he stared at Chance in a questioning manner.

Shit—I mean, darn it. This was not how a Guardian was supposed to act. It was as if all training and studies went out the window.

I gave myself a mental shake and bit the inside of my lip as I continued to stare back at Chance in annoyance. Then I looked at Michael. “This is Chance—another Guardian.”

I glanced back over at Chance. “What are you doing here?” I asked calmly.

“I’m here for backup,” he replied immediately, looking over at Michael with a wary eye.

I frowned at his answer. “I have everything under control here. There’s no need for your assistance.”

Chance looked skeptically back at me. “I beg to differ, seeing as you were almost killed just earlier today.”

“Yeah right,” I exclaimed loudly then bit the inside of my cheek this time as I forced to calm down and continued quietly. “I was just proving a point to Michael here. He didn’t believe me when I said his life was in danger.”

Chance shook his head in disagreement. “And that’s the kind of thinking that will get him killed.”

I looked on at him in indignation as he offended me to the core. He blatantly stated that I would directly be the one to cause injury to my Light. “I would never put him in harm’s way, Chance. I can’t believe you actually said that.”

I felt a pang of pain but pushed it aside, shaking my head slowly as I spoke again, “It’s really not necessary for you to be here.”

He took a step closer and I immediately stepped back as he looked at me. I refused to be intimidated by him, despite the fact that he was quite intimidating so I stopped and looked back at him, raising my chin. I thought I saw remorse but then it disappeared once more. He was always good at hiding his emotions.

“I’m sorry but this isn’t an option, Bless.”

I paused at the way Chance spoke my name. I looked up into his eyes to realize he was serious. Dead serious. I inwardly sighed in defeat as I realized someone even higher up on the chain must have given him orders.

I frowned over at him. “So I guess I’m stuck with you then.”

Chance raised an eyebrow up at me as he grinned. “Who’s stuck with whom?”

“But I thought I was supposed to do this alone,” I asked, puzzled, ignoring his last comment. “Wasn’t that the mission?”

He shrugged in reply. “Well there’s been a change of plans.”

I looked up, a frown on my face. “How so?”

Chance looked over at Michael, who had been quiet this whole time as he listened in on our conversation. “Michael here is more powerful than we thought.”

Michael looked uncomfortable as we both stared over at him, now the centre of attention. “Wha-what do you mean?” he managed to stutter out.

Chance scratched the bridge of his nose before he continued. He looked pointedly at Michael. “I’m assuming Bless told you everything about who you are?” He gave a nod and Chance continued. “Well she probably didn’t mention that there’s only one Light that is shown at a time. Once we find out who that person is, a Guardian is sent to them—”

“I was going to explain all this,” I interrupted, irritated that he was stealing my thunder.

Chance gave me an identical look at my interruption so I quieted down. He was a higher ranked Guardian than I so perhaps I should be more respectful.

Chance cleared his throat pointedly at me then continued. He looked back at Michael. “As I was saying, as a carrier of the Light, you are to be taught by your Guardian. We teach you how to use your power wisely to restore the balance.”

“And how do I restore this … balance?” Michael asked, glancing quickly over at me.

Chance remained quiet so I knew he was giving me permission to speak. “You have to go up against the Dark, Michael.”

“What?” he asked in shock, blue eyes darkening. “That thing?”

“Yes,” I answered evenly.

“Hell no,” he said, shaking his head vehemently.

“You don’t really have much of a choice,” Chance said quietly.

“Like hell!” He looked over at me pleadingly. “Can’t you do it?”

I shook my head firmly. “That’s not my role, Michael. I’m to assist you, that is all. And I can’t fight against the Dark—only the Light can.”

I looked into his frightened eyes, saddened that I couldn’t do anything to make him feel any better. I could only be a presence in his life that could hopefully guide him in the right direction.

“Only you can.”


This one was a short one, I think. I have one more chapter of Bless. I have to admit, I do like reading over my old stories. However the last one I read, I was not impressed at all and it ended up on my naughty list. Bless is definitely on my nice list 🙂

I am kind of disappointed that I can’t focus as much on my writing as I’d like to but I’m currently juggling three jobs and I’m a busy bee. My down time is limited to sleeping. On that note, I’m sad to say, Sage will be delayed. The final book in the Blood Crave Series, I wanted its release to be this month but that is impossible. The cover reveal is still scheduled for this Friday (April 11th) and I hope everyone who sees it likes what they see!

This is the final call for bloggers still wanting to sign up for the Sage cover reveal. If you’re interested, you can do so at the link below:

Until next time. I’ll see you all on the reveal!


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