It’s Finally Here! Plus, Who Wants To Help With A Cover Reveal?

So after waiting WEEKS for my proof, I finally have Dealing With It in my hands! My original order got lost in the mail (bummer) but the replacement order came in days so I was extremely happy about that.

I actually made a few tweaks to the cover once I got the proof, so what you see on my Instagram page is slightly different from the image below. I decided on the matte cover which I really like. In fact, I changed all my titles over to a matte finish so they’ve all been updated. Check out my CreateSpace estore for a look. Dealing With It and Other Stories will soon be available where most books are sold online.

Now available for sale!


A collection of short stories and novellas by Christina Channelle which includes:

Dealing With It;

Those Four Letter Words;

Dealing With It Too;


and the companion novella to the Blood Crave Series, Fallen Tears.

Five stories of girls just … dealing with it.

Among many other things, I am organizing a cover reveal for Sage with the lovely Diva Booknerd (don’t you just love her blog button? Look —> and a little further down). She’s taking time out of her busy schedule to help me out and I just want to send a huge HUG her way <3. Sage is the final book in the Blood Crave Series and I’m super excited about its release next month.


“I know that—what we are. But why do you hate me?”


It was the only word pounding through fallen angel Sage Cross’ mind when her world came crashing in. Fallon was nothing but a painful memory, something she wanted—no, needed—to forget.

Now she has a chance to let that part of her past go and be in a place where she can finally heal. A place where lamia and lapsus don’t exist and she can just be … Sage. But of course, it doesn’t last.

Nothing ever lasts.

Her happily mediocre life with her cat familiar, Sunny, and best friends, Janie and Perkins, is nothing but a mirage. Especially when a brooding vampire—first name Adam, last name irrelevant—takes roots in her life. Someone who hates her for simply existing, yet she is unable to get him out of her mind.

Or her heart.

With her brother and friends in danger, Sage is the key to either ending it all or causing the destruction of not one, but two supernatural beings.

Fallen angels. Lapsus.
Vampires. Lamia.
Who will survive?

Sage,  the final installment in the Blood Crave Series.

The cover reveal with include the reveal, the above synopsis, and some awesome giveaways. Any interested book bloggers can fill out the form HERE.

Thanks so much and until next time!


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