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I wanted to share an excerpt of my WIP, Sage. I started this book a WHILE back and finally have the mojo to get this done. I’ll be honest. There was a time while I was writing this that I really didn’t want to. So I abandoned it about 25,000 words in and published Those Four Letter Words and Reap. Well, I’m finally ready to focus back on the Blood Crave Series. I think I have a short attention span, so about 20,000-30,000 words in, I get antsy and I want to move on to something else. So I’m giving myself a very tight deadline with Sage or I’ll never get this finished 🙂

I’m trying my best—so pray for me!

Finally, we get to see inside Adam’s mind. The first time we were introduced to Adam was in Fallen Tears as Kaji’s moody sidekick. Then he appeared again when he almost daggered Remy to death in Rowan. Now he’s back front and centre in Sage, the final book in the Blood Crave Series. Sorry, but no actual Sage yet in this excerpt.

Excerpt from Sage, Blood Crave Series #3
Expected Release Date: April 25, 2014
Unedited as of March 16, 2014


At the sound of my name, I looked down into bright blue eyes so very much like my own. It was like staring into a reflection, those eyes.

If my reflection happened to be five years my junior and female.

“It’s me and you forever, right?” Her eyes glittered in anticipation at my response.

I smiled, opened my arms and she leaped into them, squeezing me tight. Spinning her around, I inhaled her sweet, innocent smell as laughter erupted from her lips.

“That’s right, kiddo.”

Her voice echoed in Adam’s mind over and over again, like a curse an evil witch conjured up. Adam smirked darkly, shaking his head.

His own sister made a liar out of him.

He tried ridding the images of his past, focusing instead on the present: on the stench of days old food intermingling together; on the poor attempt of art—graffiti as they fondly liked to call it—sprayed across provocative advertisements of models showing less and less clothing; on the screeching sound of the train as it pulled to a stop.

Its doors instantly chimed open.

None of this was soothing to Adam but it was a good distraction. He sat in the corner of the subway train, away from most of the passengers. His head was bowed as he donned a hoodie over his short, dark hair. His body softly rocked back and forth to the movements of the train as if lulling him to sleep. Elbows resting on his thighs, a prickling sensation took hold of his body, as if being watched.


He lifted his face slightly, found a pair of curious brown eyes stare back at him, belonging to that of a boy. The boy was perhaps eight or nine, a mess of dirty blond hair atop his head. He stood in front of one of the train doors beside an equally blonde woman, most likely his mother. At the sight of Adam’s face however, he saw the boy visibly flinch, jumping back in fright.

Adam knew what the boy saw, why he was so shaken. He saw himself every time he looked in the mirror so it wasn’t surprising. Instead of two, only one intense blue eye shone from his face. His right eye. Next to it, a dark patch over where his other eye should have been.

Adam continued to stare at the boy, unblinking and stone-faced. Suddenly, he lifted the sides of his mouth into a cruel smile, waiting for a reaction. The boy didn’t disappoint when he cried out on cue, scrambling closer to the woman by his side, shaking. She was unaware of her son’s distress, oblivious to her surroundings except for the cell phone clutched like the jaws of life within her bony hands.

Typical humans.

This was the reason Adam was justified in his low opinions on the breed. Even when human himself, he was disappointed in his race, how they had the tendency to put their importance on petty things such as material objects, wealth, lust, greed. How they thrived on the pain of others.

The lapsus were pretty much the same.

Mo-om! That man, he’s scary,” the boy commented, trying to get his mother’s attention as he tugged on her sleeve. “Did you see his eye? Did you? How come there’s only one?”

The mother ignored the child’s questions amidst all of his pestering. The train arrived at its next stop, the doors chiming open once more. Adam watched as the woman dragged the child by the wrist and they walked onto the platform, the door quickly closing shut after them. The boy turned as he continued being dragged by his mother, catching Adam’s gaze. They remained looking at one another, boy and monster, one in terror and the other with malice, until the wheels of the train moved forward, exiting out of the subway station.

Once their connection was broken, Adam blinked and settled comfortably back into his seat. Crossing his arms over his chest, he smirked.

The child was right to be afraid; he possessed an instinct that was rare in humans. Most of them were simpleminded, oblivious to the chaos coming from them at all angles. Instead, they chose to ignore this fact and live foolishly in a war they had no idea was brewing.

The place where his left eye had once been began to throb deeply; it was a sharp, stabbing sensation. Adam winced, squeezing his eyelids shut against the pain. He breathed deeply through his nostrils to calm his thoughts once more, hoping the pain would subside. There was no doubt: his current mood and elusive phantom pain intricately related to one another. Whenever anger rose deep within his chest, or even a simple annoyance took root, a sudden throb would start to pulsate within his head. Boom, boom, BOOM! Unfortunately for him, this was a common occurrence. It was difficult to feel anything but hatred for the lapsus and petty mortals, so he had a penchant to always suffer from pain.

He tried his best to ignore it.

Seeing his stop quickly approaching, Adam stood up, placing one hand in his sweater pocket and the other clutching a small duffel bag. As the train rolled to a stop and the doors chimed opened, he leisurely walked onto the platform, looking around at his new surroundings. It was truly nothing special, smelling like piss and waste, the station in dire need of a renovation with all the graffiti art littering the walls. Walking toward the escalator, he took a step onto it and ascended slowly to the next level, careful not to touch the surface of the railing.

Such filth, he thought, curling his lip in distaste as he stared at the grime.

From the directions Remy had given him back in Fallon, the girl didn’t live too far from here. He gauged he’d be able to walk to the apartment complex in a short amount of time. Climbing a flight of stairs to reach outside, Adam adjusted his hood to the harsh cold that greeted his face.

The weather up north is definitely more ruthless. He turned his mouth down in irritation at the idea of spending time in this frigid city. His abilities heightened all his senses and although his body was already cold, the wind further chilled him to the core.

He chose to ignore it.

Adam reached inside his right jean pocket, pulling out a small piece of paper. Unfolding it, he revealed the neatly scrawled penmanship:

Take north-west exit outside. Walk west for two blocks on Cater Rd. to Hillbury Ave. Destination: 63 Cater Rd., Apt. 1905

Retaining the address by memory, he crumpled the piece of paper into his hand and dropped the discarded paper onto the ground. His boots crunched over fallen snow. Turning onto Cater Road, he walked for approximately ten minutes. He ignored the food stands, closed stores with light still emitting from within, people from all walks of life surrounding him as if a storm was brewing and they all itched to keep warm.

He ignored everything until he reached his destination.

Glancing to his right, he saw a building called Meadows. Aptly named. His lone eye glossed over in distaste as it roamed the red brick building covered largely by vines.

Adam walked to the entrance, opening the door. There was a second door requiring a buzzer entrance so he walked over to the switch board and randomly pressed a button.

“Hello?” someone answered through the intercom. The voice was light and slightly breathless as if she’d just rushed from another room.

“Open the door.” Adam said slowly and calmly. His voice was hoarse from lack of feeding but his power was still intact. He could still influence a person on the other end of the line to do his bidding, even without the need to look them in the eyes.

One perk of dying brutally and becoming an immortal lamia.

The buzzer sounded almost instantly. Grabbing the handle, he swung the door open and made his way toward the elevator. He paused en route, eyeing the sloth-like concierge as he sat at the front desk, snoring. His tongue pressed lazily against his throat, no doubt. Protruding belly rose up and down to the rhythm of deep, noisy breathing, rattling almost. There was zero possibility his sleeping could even qualify as rest with the amount of effort he displayed. Security?

I think not.

Continuing toward the elevator, Adam pressed the UP button, waiting for the elevator to arrive. Upon the doors opening, he stepped into the enclosed space and pushed the button to the nineteenth floor. The elevator ascended, doors opened, and he was left to stroll the empty floor. Turning left, one lone eye studied the suite numbers until he found the one he wanted, and stopped directly in front of it.


Placing his right palm flat against the door, Adam sensed her presence from within. Hand forming a fist, he gave a few light knocks.


Shout out to Krystal who took the time to read my teaser in between her super crazy work schedule! ❤

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