In the Works

What’s in the works?

I didn’t even realize it was March until last Friday when I got to work, looked at the calendar, and I was like, “What!?!?”

I had previously given myself writing deadlines which I hope to fulfill. I worked super late for two nights straight to get the formatting as perfect as I could for a book I’m publishing. What book, you ask? Well, I’ve always wanted to make a compilation book that included my novellas and short stories that are already available as ebooks, some in print as standalones. The two shorts in Dealing with It, and my novellas, Those Four Letter Words, Reap, and Fallen Tears.

Not so sure this is a wise idea but I wanted to do this for me. I slaved for hours on making this book the best it could be and the only people that might see it are me, my family, and my friends. I get that we are now in an ebook world, heck, I myself have been preferring to read off my Kindle than my print book. But I still desire at times the opportunity to hold an actually book in my hands, where I anticipately wait to physically turn the next page. Hopefully others do too.

Thus, Dealing With It and Other Stories was created. I’m currently waiting on my proof copy from CreateSpace who has already alerted that the proof has been shipped. But I’m in Canada so I know it’ll take a little while longer coming from the States. Would you believe me when I said the shipping cost more than the actual book?


Below is the book cover. I used Gimp and my new publishing software iStudio to create this.

And success!!!

I’m paying homage to my two short stories, Dealing With It, as they sport the same image with minor changes. Plus I tend to write stories where the MC is dealing with issues in their lives so I thought it was a no brainer.

As soon as I proof it physically, I’ll be pressing that approve button and it’ll be available for sale 🙂

On another note, what’s it store for the future? I wanted to accomplish something every month in regards to the writing world. February was about getting the print version of DWI down and it looks like March will have the release of DWI in print. I also want Sage to be completed by then. But with the process of editing, it might not be available until early April.

*fingers crossed*

Well, enough about Sage … for now. I’ll just say that hopefully you all won’t be disappointed. There will be a plenty posts regarding the Blood Crave Series.

Bye for now,


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