Scrivener: Have I Found My Holy Grail?

Life as a new author…

Hey all! So, as I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to take some time to talk about this new writing app that I’ve been using these past couple of weeks. Now, for those who know me, my writing style is simply to write, write, write. Then go back and edit, edit, edit. Maybe do a little more writing. In a nutshell, there’s no real organization and it’s time for things to just flow out of me naturally. Sometimes when writing, I don’t even know what’s going to happen in the next scene.

So I wanted to try out one of the many writing tools out there, especially since I upgraded to a MacBook Pro. It took a while for me to decide which writing app I wanted to get. I am buying the app, for crying out loud. I don’t want to spend an X amount of dollars, only to be sorely disappointed.

IMG_0410Hopefully you can get a feel on how Scrivener looks with the pic on your right. Maybe you’ll even get a glimpse of the prologue for Sage 🙂 (Note: This is still in the writing/editing process. Read at your discretion).

The great thing about Scrivener is that you can download it from its website and use it as a trial for a certain amount of time. Although I didn’t even wait and just bought it after a few days of use. I’m kind of a spur of the moment kind of girl. 🙂

It’s definitely a learning curve, but a quick one! I know I could have bought a cheaper writing app to use but I wanted the duality of using Scrivener for writing novels and scripts (something I’m playing around with and having a ton of fun doing). Plus, I love the interface of Scrivener and the fact that I can export my novel into both an ebook and print version. I’ve yet to do this so I’ll have to get back to you on the ease of this process once Sage is complete.

Last year I subscribed with Adobe and used their InDesign software. I love InDesign but find it way too expensive for my current budget. Using Scrivener as an alternative to create my novels was a major plus when deciding on this particular app.

Yeah, I know. I could probably just use Word and get the same result. I started out making an ebook file for Dahlia in Word way back when and hated the interface. Probably didn’t help that I was working with 10” of screen space. Once I switched over to InDesign I thought I found heaven. They even had a Kindle plug-in.

But so long, InDesign. At least until I win the lottery. Scrivener is working for me in so many ways, as an organization tool (I can put notes, headings, sub-headings etc.), writing app, and exporter to an ebook and print novel.

So I really have nothing bad to say about Scrivener. I think I’ve found my holy grail.

Among other things…

Oh my god, Walking Dead is back! So excited about that. I’m also currently watching Season 3 of Dexter (AH-MAZING btw) and impatiently waiting for Scandal to return.

Note: I’m also quite obsessed with Supernatural but I refuse to buy Season 8 at the price it’s currently at on the account that I’m not that crazy. So I’m impatiently waiting for the price to drop.

Signing off,

TV Freak aka Christina Channelle

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