I’m ba-ack!!!

Wow, guys.

It’s been a while. A long while. I feel like I’m going to ramble. Yes…I feel it in my bones, this blog post will entail a lot of rambling. But, it’s like when you haven’t seen a friend in a long time and you wanna catch up.

My goodness, the time has flown. I hope you all are having a fabulous February. I’m currently stuck in a deep freeze that doesn’t seem to want to end.

Spring, where are you?

But, the sun did come out today. That’s a good sign, right? Dare I say that the worst is over?

But enough of the weather. What did I get for Christmas? Yeah, yeah, I know I’m way overdue. Anyhow, I was rewarded with a Kindle Paperwhite and THREE seasons of Walking Dead.

I am now addicted to Walking Dead.

Now, on another note. Most of you probably don’t know this but I wrote my stories (Blood Crave Series, Those Four Letter Words, Reap, Dealing With It) using a 10.1” laptop. I know, I’m surprised I’m not blind by now. Although I do wear glasses. I like to call my HP Mini my baby. It’s still my baby which I love dearly. It got me through school and still works like a charm, albeit a bit slow at time.

But darlings, you are now looking at the new owner of a MACBOOK! Whoot!

Welcome to my other baby 🙂

Now, it was between the HP Envy and the Macbook Pro (3rd generation) and it just happened that this MBP was the last one in the store…and on sale. I thought it was fate so I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t want the Macbook Pro with Retina because to be honest, I’m old school and I wanted a DVD drive. Yeah…they no longer make Macs with DVD drive. In fact, in you go into a electronics store, they are making fewer and fewer laptops with DVD drives.

What is the world coming to? I know I probably won’t use it that much but I’d like to have the option. Plus I really like the way my MBP feels, like it has substance. If I purchased the new MCP, I can imagine myself flinging it in the air like a frisbee.

So with my new writing device, I’ve been working on a joint project as well as Sage, the final book in the Blood Crave Series. I love love love writing on my new laptop and am glad with my decision. Who knows, I may do some reviews on the neat accessories I bought for it too 🙂

One app that I did get is called Scrivener. It’s a great tool for writers trying to organize their novels. I’m the type of person who tends to just write and write and I’ll see where it takes me. But I wanted to try something new this year with Scrivener. I’ll let you know how it goes.

That’s it for now. Just wanted to wave at you all since it feels like I’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two months. I’m here! I will be slowly updated my blog little by little. Do you like the new theme?

I will leave you with a picture that my cousin took of a crocodile when we were on a boat tour during vacation. I was strictly told that I had to give her a shout-out. So thank you, Ms. Photographer! ❤

Until next time,


Please don't eat me!!!
Please don’t eat me!!!

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