500 Likes Giveaway and More TFLW Blitz!

Life as a new author…

Hey all!

So last night I received 500 likes on Facebook and to celebrate, I’m doing a 500 likes giveaway. I wanted to show my appreciation for people stopping by my page and liking it.


Four winners will have the chance to win one in four books by the following amazing authors!

Mutilate My Heart by Emily Godwin

American Girl on Saturn by Nikki Godwin

Motocross Me by Cheyanne Young

Anywhere With You by Kaylee Ryan

Here’s the link to the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Now onto the continuation of the blitz for Those Four Letter Words. It’s day 2 and I want to thank all the wonderful blogs taking part in this blitz 🙂 Here is another excerpt from the novella.

As soon as I saw him down the hallway, I froze.

“Shit,” I muttered, tugging at the ends of my hair. I quickly turned and walked in the opposite direction, hoping to go unnoticed. But my efforts to escape were useless because he immediately saw me. From the corner of my eye, I saw him sprint toward me like a man on a mission.

“Jade, wait!”

Eyes narrowed, I stopped and prepared myself; then I turned to face my boyfriend. He obviously saw how pissed I was and I could only imagine what my face must have looked like.

I braced myself. “What do you want, Connor?”

Connor was gorgeous. There had been this instant connection between the two of us from the moment we met. He had dark brown eyes that made me melt, smooth tan skin that I always wanted to touch, and soft light brown hair that I constantly ran my fingers through. It was funny. I thought we actually looked a bit alike with our brown eyes, brown hair, and tanned skin—although my hair was a few shades darker and, in my opinion, I had nothing on his eyes.

He was the same age as me, a senior, and all the girls wanted him. Maybe even a few of the boys. He wasn’t on any school sport teams or clubs, but was extremely popular with everyone. For the life of me, I had no idea why he and I were together since we were on opposite ends of a totem pole, him being so liked. But I had a thing for sexy bad boys and I think Connor was the perfect fit. He knew how to handle my rants and didn’t take any shit from me.

I gave my heart to him the instant I met him, stupid me.

Standing in front of me now, he said nothing. He just pulled me in the direction of an empty classroom and closed the door. I ignored him as he locked it and roughly closed the blinds. I ignored him as he stalked toward me, standing so close that I could feel his breath on my skin. I ignored him as he caressed my jaw, raising my face up with the tip of his fingers so he could stare into my eyes.

“Jade, look at me,” he murmured.

I shook my face away and gave him a slight push with my hands against his chest.

He tried grabbing a hold of me but I was too quick for him, jerking away. He pursed his lips, sighing. “Babe, just let me explain—”

“This is so fucking cliché,” I growled angrily, yanking at the ends of my ponytail, something I had the tendency of doing when angry or frustrated. Usually when I failed to do so, someone or something would get injured. I stared back at him, fuming. I noticed we were wearing similar clothing. He sported black jeans and a tight black t-shirt that fit him well, molding quite nicely to his muscles.

I ignored my attraction to him and rambled on, feeling the tug at my roots with the firm grip I had on my hair. “We fight, you get drunk, then sleep with the first slut that wants to crawl in between your pants.”

My eyes were nothing but slits at this point.

“Jade,” he started, reaching for my hand.

“Don’t—” I said, moving away. Damn his touch, he always made me feel like putty when he touched me. I breathed through my nose. “Don’t you ever touch me again, you bastard.”

I turned to leave the room but was firmly held back by his hand holding on to my upper arm. He squeezed tightly, causing me to wince. “Don’t walk away from me,” he said lowly.

I looked back at him in disbelief, and before I could think, I released my hair and slapped him roughly across the face. He continued to tighten his hold on me, his fingers digging into my flesh as his brown eyes got even darker, his jaw clenching.

I knew he was easily angered, but so was I. I slapped him again on the same side, redness showing on his cheek. Then again, and his eyes lit up in anger. He pushed me against the wall, caging me in with his arms, and looked down at me.

I stared defiantly up at him. I was livid, pissed beyond belief for so many reasons other than Connor fucking up yet again. “What are you gonna do, huh? Hit me? I dare you.”

First the green-eyed devil, and now Connor? Jade sure has a lot of boys to deal with!

Among other things

I think I’m obsessed with Supernatural. I know I’m so behind but I just never had the chance to watch all these fantastic TV shows out there. Before my cousin heads back to school, we’re embarking on daily Supernatural marathons.

Life is good 🙂

Until next time!


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