Those Four Letter Words Released!

Life as a new author …

I’ll make this brief: Those Four Letter Words is live, currently available on Amazon and Smashwords. Whoo Hoo! 🙂

Over the next few weeks (hopefully sooner) it should be distributed to the other ebook vendors.

The ebook doesn’t even pop up on Amazon by manually searching which scared me a bit. Thank god for links. Hopefully by the time I come back from work everything will be hunky-dory.

My obsessive nature is slightly kicking in because it says the publishing date is July 2, 2013. I uploaded the file last night a little after midnight but perhaps in “Amazon Time,” it’s not quite the 3rd. For example, Smashwords is 3 hours behind me so I uploaded about 6 o’clock this morning (I didn’t really sleep much last night, lol).

I went back in to make the changes on Amazon but so far no go. It’s getting on my nerves a tad bit. Perhaps third time’s a charm but I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if it updates. Same thing happened with Rowan so I’m not too annoyed.

Among other things …

Cover reveal for Reap is scheduled for tomorrow. So excited by that as well. Can’t wait for you all to see!

Bruno Mars concert is tonight! Finally, someone I actually want to see 🙂

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