Book Blurbs, Bookmarks, and Book Release…Triple B’s!!!

Life as a new author …

I actually hate writing book blurbs. You finally finish writing your book and you have to sum it up in only a few words. But you don’t want to give out too much information … just enough to entice a potential reader.

So on top of working on Those Four Letter Words, as I mentioned before, there’s this untitled book that I’m working on. Well, actually it has a title, I just haven’t told anybody yet.

Officially, at least.

I want to do a cover reveal for this book and one of the requirements is to have a description. Basically in the fewest of words, I have to let people know what the heck my book is about. Now, I tend to ramble, so that’s a problem. I mean, look how long the synopsis is for Dahlia. So I sat in front of my computer, fingers to the keyboard, and …


I had no idea what to write. Then I just started writing randomness, deleting some stuff, scrunching my face up in confusion, grabbing some Tostitos, and then trying again.

So here it is, folks, the synopsis for my next book (to be released October 2013) Reap. Yup, that’s my title. It’s a YA Paranormal Romance. Cover reveal will be July 4, 2013 so mark that on your calendar 🙂 Any book bloggers out there want to be a part of it, check out Xpresso Book Tours.


Foreign, or rather unfamiliar, would be the word I would use to describe how I felt.

Faintly, I could hear the glimmer of voices surrounding me in this dark haze, caressing my ears like skin against silk. I felt like I was in a cocoon of sorts, protectively enveloped, quietly drifting in some far-off place. I wanted to stay that way forever.

But we all know that what you want never really seems to happen in the real world.

Something’s not right in Mia’s head.

The first thing is that her name isn’t Mia. In fact, she has no clue what her name is—who she is. All that she knows is that she’s not like the ones who found her: Dante with his kind blue eyes, Amy with her child-like demeanor, James with his questioning gaze.

And Briggs.

The one she cannot decipher no matter how hard she tries.

As Mia tries to fit in with these people, a strange occurrence is amidst outside. And as she finally remembers who she is …

Well, let’s just say that things get a little more complicated.

So, book blurb crisis over. On another note, I got my bookmarks. Yay! *Throws a bunch of bookmarks in the air* Take a look, take a look:

TFLW Bookmark, front and back.
TFLW Bookmark, front and back.

I love them. Some of the bookmarks are not completely centered, but I guess that’s my OCD acting up. Then the one part that’s green on the back is a little dark but that’s my fault. It was the perfect colour but when I proofed it online, it looked way too light so I made it darker. Hell, maybe I should have made it pink … but I hate pink.

Oh well.

Not too important. I learned for next time to trust how it looks on InDesign and in jpeg. Now with that out of the way, I can order bookmarks for Reap without being nervous over how they’ll look. Now, these bookmarks … they will be GORGEOUS. But I can’t post them until the cover reveal!!! JULY 4th!!! But you already knew that since you marked it on your calendar, right?

So excited.

Ah, more news! One more week until Those Four Letter Words is out. And July will be all about TFLW. Any book bloggers still interested in taking part in it all, sign up here.

I was originally going to price it at free because it’s a novella. My friend said I don’t give myself enough credit, though. So I’ll price it at $0.99 and hope people will buy it and enjoy it, despite the fact that it’s not a full-length novel. I feel it still gives you the experience of a full-length novel. Don’t get me wrong, there will be a mighty opportunity to receive this book for free–both ebook and print book, starting right away in July with giveaways. I’ll even give people who follow me on Facebook special freebie days where they can download it for free, if the mood strikes my fancy.

But you’ll have to follow me on Facebook. 🙂

Among other things …

I’ve been heading back to the gym and I have to admit: I feel great! I used to be such a gym rat and focusing on writing so much made me a couch potato, only on the computer. When I focus, I focus, so I work so hard on one area of my life and neglect the rest. This summer for me is about balance. I need to balance work, writing, taking care of myself, and having fun doing it all.

Hopefully you guys can all do the same 🙂

Now, off to work to prepare for tomorrow’s concert!

Until next time!


PS. Big Brother starts tonight. Cannot wait!

2 thoughts on “Book Blurbs, Bookmarks, and Book Release…Triple B’s!!!

    1. Thanks! I would like to thank InDesign and Youtube for all their help, lol. It’s a lot of fun, creating everything yourself and then praying it all works out 😀


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