Those Four Letter Words – Synopsis

Life as a new author …

Hello all.

This is a short post. Just thought I’d provide the synopsis for Those Four Letter Words. 🙂 As of right now, it’s expected to be released in July. I guess this means I shouldn’t post any more teasers but July is right around the corner so you’ll be able to download your own lovely copy! Check it out on Goodreads.

And, read on!


Those Four Letter Words

Eighteen-year-old Jade Reamer is a tough girl with a reputation to prove it. She loves three people and three people only: her brother, her boyfriend, and her best friend. Everyone else is irrelevant.

That is … until Reed enters the picture again.

Suddenly things start to spiral out of control and things aren’t as they seem. Life is no longer simply black and white, love versus hate. Suddenly, it’s hard to figure out which of those four letter words is true.

Especially when she can’t look away from those devil eyes.

I love you. I hate you. I love you. I hate you. Which is it? I don’t even know anymore.

Well, let’s find out.

This 15,000 word novella contains coarse language, angst driven young adults, and a lot of pent-up frustration.

Oh yeah. Plus love and a little bit of hate.


Among other things …

It was mighty difficult falling asleep last night amidst the sounds of crashing thunder and fireworks. Frankly, I would have nixed the fireworks idea if there’s thunder and lightning in the forecast but to each his own, right?

Until next time,


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