ROWAN Release Date April 26th and Giveaways!

Life as a new author …


1) Rowan will be released this FRIDAY (as in tomorrow) in ebook and print editions! Woot!

2) The Rowan giveaway just ended on Goodreads and there were 807 entries. Not bad at all. 🙂

3) To celebrate the release of Rowan, Fallen Tears: A Blood Crave Novella will be FREE this weekend. If you’re on Goodreads, you can RSVP here. Now, I really enjoyed writing Fallen Tears because it takes a look back in the past and links both Dahlia and Rowan, although none of the characters in Dahlia are featured in Fallen Tears. We find out why Rowan is the way she is, though, in her featured book.

4) As I enjoy giving giveaways, another one will be presented by divainpyjamas. She has been so gracious to put me on her Indie Spotlight here. I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of all the books thus far in the Blood Crave Series for Kindle readers. I will also give 4 runners up a copy of Dahlia in either ePub or Kindle format. The giveaway will be held for two weeks and starts midnight tonight. As a sidenote, I have to mention that she has a BEAUTIFUL blog!

5) I promised that I would do something special on my FB page if I got to 50 likes (I’m currently at 42). So spread the love (likes?) and visit my Facebook page. 🙂

I don’t want to bore you with just updates for my post, so here’s another sneak peek of Rowan.


Chapter 1

It was raining.

Heavy droplets pelted the ground as if the heavens above were somehow angered by the chaos dwelling in the city streets. Both thunder and lightning joined its comrade and the sky lit up in brilliance, then quickly rejoiced in a crashing rumble.

It was a night like any other.

Through this tumultuous symphony, the sound of sirens still rang clearly through the murky fog. The fog enveloped the city like a heavy blanket, almost suffocating its inhabitants. Engines from buses took a deep sigh as they came to a screeching halt alongside the road, expelling poor souls with not even a smile on their face. They seemed emotionless: as if they somehow sensed the restlessness and chaos of the lapsus hidden during the brightness of day.

But seemed to unleash itself when night took over.

Various women had a look of disregard as they flocked both sides of the road wearing their cheap clothes all a-glitter, a shiny black Lexus or a blue Mercedes rolling to a stop to strike up a conversation. The invitation was all too apparent—rather quite depressing, actually.

But it was home.

Amidst all this, Rowan watched from the sidewalk, leaning against the brick wall, one boot propped against it. Glancing up to the falling rain, it reminded her of another time, one that seemed like centuries ago.

Then too, God had been crying.

–Excerpt from Rowan (Blood Crave Series, #2)
Copyright © 2013 by Christina Channelle
To be released late April 26, 2013

I can’t give you too much. 🙂

Among other things …

I already mentioned that Rowan’s out tomorrow, didn’t I? 😀

But seriously, on another note: I need to stop feeding into my caffeine addiction. It’s especially not good when I decide to drink a huge cup of coffee at 8 o’clock at night and then I wonder why I can’t fall asleep. So I end up writing or editing or watching Big Brother Canada After Dark.

I need to go back to quitting cold turkey. Or smashing my mug and using another that doesn’t resemble a soup bowl.

Anyone else have some kind of addiction they’re finding hard to break? Because I can literally stop drinking coffee for weeks at a time and then something comes up, like a very late shift at work or an upcoming exam that I have to study for (I’m more productive with my work at night).

Anyhow, until next time!


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