Ramblings of a New Author and Other Fun Stuff

Life as a new author …

Writing. Editing. Writing. Editing. It doesn’t really end now, does it!

I feel like screaming right now. Out of happiness, mind you. I have to admit, this blogging thing is a bit new to me. But, I’m trying it out. I do wonder how many people will actually read this, though. LOL

Yes, I will probably be writing LOL’s and smiley faces 🙂 in my blogs. I’ll try to tone it down a bit, but it’s a blog. Aren’t you supposed to write what comes to you in that moment? I don’t believe my blog will be crazy serious: I’ll comment about my books; any movies I decide to see on cheap-day Tuesdays; books I fall in love with, etc. You’ll definitely be feeling my mood with how I write. What can I say? I show my emotions in my words. 🙂

I’m happy that Dahlia is finally published with another story on the way. Despite it being a brand new book by an unknown author, I’m selling! That, in itself, makes me happy. If I can get one reader to buy my book, read it, and think to themselves, “I really liked that,” then I think I’ve done my job.

Now with my second book, which will soon be released, I want my readers to be, “Holy s**t! I can’t wait for more! This just keeps on getting better and better!” That’s my goal.


Yes, I’m currently editing a novella, which connects to the Blood Crave Series. While Dahlia is book #1, I’d call this book, #1.5. Originally a part of #2, I thought it’d fit better as a standalone. Let me tell you, I enjoyed writing this. It wasn’t even a part of my series, but one day it just came to mind and I began writing. And writing. AND writing.

Now, I wrote this so long ago and thought it was PERFECT. I printed it out; made a few corrections; re-read it again; made MORE corrections; made a teacher friend of mine be by ‘beta-reader’ (I like that word); and made even MORE changes myself.

It doesn’t really end, does it?

Oh, well. I’m just going to have to breathe and let it go. Ignore my OCD-like tendencies and present it to the world.

It’s okay, Christina.

So … when will it be out?

I don’t know. Perhaps by the end of next week, if my formatting works out. The life of an indie author, eh? Here’s a sneak peek of the cover image below:

A Blood Crave Novella, #1.5 in the Blood Crave Series.
A Blood Crave Novella, #1.5 in the Blood Crave Series.

Who is this girl? That’s probably what you’re asking, right? This isn’t Dahlia. Well, you’re going to have to wait and see. Although, if you’ve read Dahlia, you might have an inkling on who this might be.

Two girls. Similar backgrounds, similar experiences but TOTALLY different people. And they both manage to be pulled into a world of supernatural beings.

Ah, life.

Among other things …

Latest movie I saw was Mama. Let me tell you, the scariest thing about that movie was the woman standing a few rows down in the corner. She stood ever so still during the ENTIRE length of the movie. Perhaps she had back problems or restless leg syndrome. But it was freaky, especially being a scary movie. My friend and I kept thinking she’d turn into Mama. LOL

I’m going to tackle reading A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I can safely say that I’ve never read an 800 plus book, so this is definitely going to be an adventure for me!

By the way, cannot wait to watch the next scary movie!

Until next time,
CC 🙂

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